Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now & Then

Yikes! Where have I been?! Slacking!! I’m embarking on another marathon weekend. I have to say, this time I feel completely different than last time. I’m a pro now right… yeah, NOT so much. Lemme fill ya in on NOW & Then…

On Sunday I’ll make an attempt at my 2nd marathon, Little Rock; renowned for their big medals & big hills. It’ll be nice to step foot in Arkansas again--- Woooooooo pig! Soooooooooooooieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We lived there in what seems like a lifetime ago. THEN, our youngest son was not even a year old when we moved there & NOW, well, this past Monday, the little tike turned FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a different approach to training this time. I’m feeling okay about it. NOW there’s not a whole lot of emotion involved in this one for me. Then, the Marine Corps Marathon was extraordinary for so many reasons. This LR Mary is NOW FOR FUN; and to see if I can stand to do another. I tried to use the guidance I received for MCM training & relax it a bit too.

I think some of the biggest changes this time are my training schedule, my longest run this go ‘round was 20 & my attitude is a little more layed back too. NOW, I’m excited to take it all in, I think. I have a new playlist, which we all know can make a heck of a difference too. THEN, I posted nearly ALL of my marathon training runs, workouts, training thoughts. NOW, I kind of kept to myself this time. I shared when I needed a boost, a little critiquing & when I needed help to get out of a slump.

THEN, for the MCM I gained 7 lbs., which I lost afterward. NOW, this time, I’ve gained 10 & will hopefully lose quickly too! How the HELL does that happen? Well… it just does. And NOW, I have learned I’m really NOT the only one that happens to. LOL!

THEN, I was packed & ready to go 2 weeks ahead of time. NOW, I guess I should wash something so I can run in clean clothes. HA!

NOW & THEN I think back & feel like I could’ve done a better job during MCM, but THEN I remember how badass I felt & still feel. NOW & THEN, I think I don’t really want to run another marathon. THEN, I had an upset & nervous stomach for a week prior. NOW, I have one today. Every NOW & THEN I think I may be loony running another marathon so close to the last. Every NOW &THEN I think this will be my last & THEN I remember how badly I want to do another MCM.  

Every NOW & THEN I look back at 4 years ago when it all started with 15 minutes & 60 lbs. heavier. NOW, I’m doing things for myself & for the FUN of it. NOW I think I feel pretty good, pretty ready, THEN it all hits me & I realize what I am about to do. Phew! NOW, that’s pretty amazing to me. I’m looking forward to next Monday… but THEN again… I’m looking forward to Getting Lucky in Little Rock Sunday!

Happy running y’all!