Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time Flies Too Quickly So We Better RUN!

Well, well, well... seems I really did get lost. Lost in 2013! I'm hoping to find myself in 2014. Not really, I know just where I've been, where I want to be and definitely where I'm going. That doesn't just pertain to running, it's mostly life in general.

Since my last blog, I did another marathon. Little Rock, AR stole my love of running and my soul! I'll never be the same. OK, OK! Not really, but it sure felt like it! It was a rough mary & I say I'll NEVER do LR again, buuuuuuut... one should never say never. ;)

In the last however many months, I've done a lot of recovering, a lot of loving & a whole lotta livin'! In April, I had a visit from a wonderful friend & we just enjoyed BEING. Come to think of it, I don't even think we did any running. In May, I was totally shocked by visitors & we all enjoyed a very cold & rainy 10K. It was fun!!!! Fun... in a monsoon kinda way, but fun nonetheless.

To be honest, I don't know that I had many remarkable runs in 2013, but I did try a few new types of runs. I did a "trail" run race ( I don't think you can really count it as a genuine trail, but it was fun) & did my first cross country race. They were both so different from what I normally run, so that was nice. And you cannot argue with a cross country race called the Winey Bitch, which was followed by wine for freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My body did some recovering in 2013. I ran LR with a sprained ankle, so really I mostly hobbled the last 12 miles. I got the worst blisters I've ever had & my pride was dumped on quite a bit too. But, hey... I finished that marathon, making another notch in my proverbial belt.

In September, we went to Mexico... holy guacamole, the mother land!!!!!! We enjoyed every second we were there. We did have the intention of running there, but instead we walked, talked & enjoyed the surroundings. We snorkeled & went on a pirate ship. What happened with the pirates on the pirate ship stays with the pirates on the pirate ship. Is it time to go back yet?!

I started training for my 3rd marathon & felt icky the entire time. I got to see my wonderful friends run their 1st marathons, one ran her bazillionth & another ran her gazillionth... yes, those are the actual numbers!

Work's been cray cray and I love every second of it. I love being a part of a person's journey & their success. It makes my soul happy--- what's left of my soul after Little Rock that is...

Because I am a glutton for self punishment, I'm back in school & although I may complain, I'm secretly very excited... SHHHHHHHHHH... tell no one.

I'm so excited to run with my sissy for her 1st half marathon. I'm so proud to have influenced her, if even just a teeny, tiny, little bit. :-) I hope I can keep up! Barring injury, that is... stupid knee! Meh... I'd probably still run anyway.

In 2014, I feel refreshed, recovered, renewed! And I mostly feel loved and supported by so many wonderful friends & family. There are many avenues on the horizon for not just me, but for our family. I'm nervous to see what happens in some areas, but couldn't be more excited to see where 2014 will lead all of us.

I can't believe 2013 went by so quickly. TIME FLIES TOO QUICKLY, SO WE BETTER RUN if we want to keep up. I hope to do a better job blogging... It's almost as therapeutic as running. Almost...

Hey! Happy running y'all!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now & Then

Yikes! Where have I been?! Slacking!! I’m embarking on another marathon weekend. I have to say, this time I feel completely different than last time. I’m a pro now right… yeah, NOT so much. Lemme fill ya in on NOW & Then…

On Sunday I’ll make an attempt at my 2nd marathon, Little Rock; renowned for their big medals & big hills. It’ll be nice to step foot in Arkansas again--- Woooooooo pig! Soooooooooooooieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We lived there in what seems like a lifetime ago. THEN, our youngest son was not even a year old when we moved there & NOW, well, this past Monday, the little tike turned FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a different approach to training this time. I’m feeling okay about it. NOW there’s not a whole lot of emotion involved in this one for me. Then, the Marine Corps Marathon was extraordinary for so many reasons. This LR Mary is NOW FOR FUN; and to see if I can stand to do another. I tried to use the guidance I received for MCM training & relax it a bit too.

I think some of the biggest changes this time are my training schedule, my longest run this go ‘round was 20 & my attitude is a little more layed back too. NOW, I’m excited to take it all in, I think. I have a new playlist, which we all know can make a heck of a difference too. THEN, I posted nearly ALL of my marathon training runs, workouts, training thoughts. NOW, I kind of kept to myself this time. I shared when I needed a boost, a little critiquing & when I needed help to get out of a slump.

THEN, for the MCM I gained 7 lbs., which I lost afterward. NOW, this time, I’ve gained 10 & will hopefully lose quickly too! How the HELL does that happen? Well… it just does. And NOW, I have learned I’m really NOT the only one that happens to. LOL!

THEN, I was packed & ready to go 2 weeks ahead of time. NOW, I guess I should wash something so I can run in clean clothes. HA!

NOW & THEN I think back & feel like I could’ve done a better job during MCM, but THEN I remember how badass I felt & still feel. NOW & THEN, I think I don’t really want to run another marathon. THEN, I had an upset & nervous stomach for a week prior. NOW, I have one today. Every NOW & THEN I think I may be loony running another marathon so close to the last. Every NOW &THEN I think this will be my last & THEN I remember how badly I want to do another MCM.  

Every NOW & THEN I look back at 4 years ago when it all started with 15 minutes & 60 lbs. heavier. NOW, I’m doing things for myself & for the FUN of it. NOW I think I feel pretty good, pretty ready, THEN it all hits me & I realize what I am about to do. Phew! NOW, that’s pretty amazing to me. I’m looking forward to next Monday… but THEN again… I’m looking forward to Getting Lucky in Little Rock Sunday!

Happy running y’all!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Running Leads to Questionable Behavior

Running is a passion. It’s relevancy in my life is more & more prevalent each day. I love the feeling it gives me. I’ll be the first to admit though, Running Can Lead to Questionable Behavior…

I’ve had a hard time getting back into marathon mode since the MCM. This has led me down a rocky road. I have 10 weeks until my next marathon, March 3rd! The feeling I get most days when I think how quickly time is passing is one of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! However, I THINK I am FINALLY on my way. The other day, I told my hubs that I was READY to run again. Ya see, I made up my mind to do the Little Rock Marathon, but my heart did not agree… YET! I’ve had not so many great runs since the decision was made. Today, well, today was different. Today is CHRISTMAS & as I lain around in my flannel jams, I kept trying to talk myself out of today’s run. It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s too late. It’s Christmas. But as I kept coming up with reasons, I got more anxious & KNEW I was ready.

I took off on my run, all bundled up in cold weather gear. I got a lot of stares from passersby & I started to question my behavior. NINETEEN degrees sounds a little chilly & indeed it was! Upon taking off on this run, I questioned whether my cold weather full face mask was even cleaned after the last cold weather run (which was probably back in February). I stopped one time after realizing my questionable behavior had led me to having a piece of hair stuck in my gum (that I had already been chewing for a good 15 mins). I thought it was in there, but I just kept chewing. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled down my mask & pulled the hair outta the gum. In doing so, the gum froze. Meh, it warmed up nicely once I started chewing again. There was one time where my music suddenly turned quite slow for running. My questionable behavior led to a little dancing on the side of the road while finding the correct play list. Again, there were a few “looks”. I know I’ve mentioned the weather was a bit on the “chilly” side, but I don’t know how to stress just HOW chilly 19 is to a runner. My wrist was frozen, as were most of my fingers (Duh. Yes, I had on gloves) & my thighs were ICE! As I was running, I kept wondering HOW questionable of behavior was I willing to admit to today. I kept thinking about my poor thighs & how much they hurt from being so cold. It was like they were being stabbed a thousand times by needles. Yes! THAT cold! Most questionable of my behavior was the thought of how to keep my thighs warm… I wonder if it would help if I peed? It would be warm. I wonder how long it would take for the pee to freeze? Wonder if I could make it home before it froze. Yep! That’s questionable behavior alright.

NO WORRIES my friends… I didn’t even neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to pee. Rest assured, it was the 19 degrees making me delusional. I’ll leave that questionable behavior for another day. The good that came from my questionable behavior today was that I got in a pretty good 6 mile Christmas day run! Nothing wrong with that!

Merry Christmas & happy running y’all!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Curiouser & Curiouser

The mind of a woman is definitely a mysterious thing (maybe curiouser & curiouser says it better). Even to the woman! I made up my mind last year to do the MCM THIS year & was determined to do just that. I did it, loved it & afterwards, made up my mind to “rest”. I’ve enjoyed it too, but lemme tell ya… I have had a very hard time making up my mind to get off my tush! After the marathon, I thought it would be easy to take a few days off & just jump back into running--- both feet hit just hit the pavement, after all. NOT so. It has been a real struggle & I think part of it has been the resignation I set up in my own mind. Meh… just take a week off, you deserve it, look what you did!

I’ve kept up with all of my running friends, kept track of the very few miles my mind was set on running, have thought about doing other races & again, have made up my mind to kick up my feet & take a little time off to make up my mind… Well, I think right now, my mind is, once again, made up!

Time to drag out some of the cold weather shirts, dust off the old runners, set up a shoe rotation, plan a few new routes & get my butt & MIND in gear!

We went shopping yesterday, Under Armor, Nike, it was like Christmas! Bought a new cold weather shirt, hopefully it fits--- I made up my mind too not to track my food! BAD move! My clothes don’t fit. LOL! I’ll just make up my mind to make better choices.

Making up one’s mind to do positive & powerful things is an awesome thing. I’m thankful to my family for putting up with my mind’s fickle ways some days. Once I make up my mind, that’s what I focus on; miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind set! So, I’ve decided to definitely run my next marathon in March; mind made up!

I’ve already packed my running gear for tomorrow. I may even run twice! I’m goin’ a wee bit ol’ schoolio… using my iPod… my iPhone didn’t appreciate the fact I tried to give it swimming lessons in the washing machine, alongside the whites. WHATEV! Gaaaaaaah!

Make up your mind m’friends. Make it up, change it, revise it, revisit it, then make it up again, stick to it & execute! Get out there & dooooooooo whatcha wanna doooooooooo, no matter what, no matter how small, or slow, or trivial. Happy, happy running y’all!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Community Made This Runner

Running with KCTC has given me an entirely new appreciation for the running community. Prior to becoming a track club member, I ran. I ran for fun, for fitness, for myself. Once I joined KCTC, I started running for the community, the dedication of the members and the comradery among all runners of different abilities. Making friends thru this community had become fast & easy. Recently I joined a new community of runners; I recently became a MARATHON runner! Training thru the KCTC was vital, enjoyable & I looked forward to seeing all of my training partners, whether I actually ran with them or not.

On Saturdays in Liberty, I run with a great group of people. We appreciate where each started a year ago & the runners we have all become since. Several members have run marathons; some ran their first halves, 10Ks, or even 5Ks! On Mondays I run with a wonderful group. We start at the Brooksider & run the Trolley Trail. This group is a completely different type of group than Saturday’s. Finally, on Sundays I run with a variety of runners from all across the city, the Sunday Runday Group. Some from the Liberty group, some from different clubs. They are all amazing! And FAST!! I’m always the caboose, but I never feel a lack of support.
When I first became a member of the KCTC, I joined the Beginners Running Group because my 14 year old son wanted to give running a try. After his time became consumed with school work & soccer, I continued to help out with the group of new runners & walkers. It was a nice way to meet new people, to see new runners achieving their goals, to see walkers turn into runners & to give & gain encouragement. We all have something in common; we are runners. We celebrate little victories & huge life events with one another. We socialize outside of our running groups, learn about running from one another and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
I recently ran the 37th Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I had a few running friends there too. We all faced Hurricane Sandy; all had completely different experiences and were all eager to check on one another’s accomplishments. I got to see one of my running friends at the start of the marathon, where we encouraged & calmed each other. It was a great safety blanket to know I had KCTC friends out in the marathon somewhere… Since my marathon two weeks ago, I have only run twice. Neither of these two runs has been at my running groups. I feel like I’ve been struggling to get back into a running “groove” again. The feedback & encouragement I’ve gotten from my fellow runners is that I am not only “normal”in feeling this way, but that I will indeed get back into the swing of things when I’m ready. Knowing my running groups & running friends are there for me when I do, well… It’s invaluable.

Becoming a part of a great running community is what makes all of my runs these days, worth it! I’ve seen average runners evolve into marathoners, marathoners become even faster & stronger & walkers become runners! Even my own son, who would rather pull out his own nails than have to run, has shown an interest in running his first half this spring. He seemed very excited about doing the run. Of course, he’s 14 & his attitude is subject to change at any minute. We’ll do the Scout Strong Challenge as a family if he’s ready & willing. To see a boy find a love in running is a most wonderful thing, even if he needs a generous push from the running community every now & then.
Rejoining my running community is what I’m looking forward to most in the next couple of weeks, beeeeecause… The Community Made This Runner! Happy Running Y'all! 


Friday, November 9, 2012

A bigger better font of The Color Blue

If I had to pick the color I’m most similar to at this moment, well, it’d be The Color Blue. But NOT Cornflower Blue- my fave color crayon. Someone pointed out to me the other day that I just may well be suffering from post-marathon bloooooooooooooozzzzzz! I’ve been running with a goal in mind for so long, that now that the goal’s been accomplished, I dunno what to run for these days. I guess I should fill you in on my marathon. It was AWESOME!!! Simply put, that’s it! It was all I hoped it would be & managed to be so much more! And then because of Hurricane Sandy, we got stuck in DC & stayed with friends & that was pretty awesome too!

So, back to the blues… 11:06:39:10 has passed since the running of the 37th Marine Corps Marathon, not that I’m counting. I’ve only run ONCE since then. A 4 –miler that was nothing special, nothing terrible. It was just a run. I enjoyed it, but really, it was just an ordinary run & most routine. No pace time, no distance, no personal goals existed. I felt OK, my knees were still a bit wobbly (kind of like a baby giraffe walking for the 1st time), no biggie. But there was something missing to this run. I described it as a “purpose”, until someone reminded me that a lifetime of running is the “purpose”; running itself was the purpose, the races were just “measuring sticks along the way”… nicely put by my friend Bryan.

I’ve been toying with the idea of running the Get Lucky Marathon (March) in Little Rock, AR (hills, hills and more hills are good for the boooootaaaay) & am definitely running in Nashvegas with friends in April. April will be their 1st Half, so THERE is my purpose. It’s been nice to have a ‘break’from running, although I dunno really how much of a break it’s been. After the marathon we were stuck in DC for a week, got home & had a sick kiddo, he missed school, I missed work. As I type this, I’m sitting in the hospital with him, ugh. The things floating around in my swirling brain…

Needing a goal is what I do… I do it with my family, with my job, with my weight, with my workouts, with my running. It’s just what I do, even if it drives everyone else loony, it’s just how I am. I was singing the blues earlier (which in itself is scary since I cannot sing), but as soon as I sign up & throw my $$$$ down on getting lucky, I’ll have a concrete plan in place. Having that goal will turn my color into HAPPY! Speak’n of happy… Happy running y├íll!