Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dirty Laundry & Dirty Secrets

Well I haven’t posted in a while, not because I didn’t have anything to say… I was just worn out. Loading, unloading, hauling, unhauling, packing, unpacking. Anyway, I did an “interesting” trail race last week. It was a nighttime 10K that was a disaster! My friend Courtney & I are in NO way cut out for that kind of running… it was ‘get yourself murdered’ dark & 100 degrees. I’m still stumped by our decision to tackle that one. Anyway, we can say we did it & will never have to do it again.
I’ve been a bit miffed with myself since my long 12 mile run on Wed. turned into an 8 miler on Thurs. & 2 of those miles were walking. I got a nice offer for a ride by one of the town’s Po-Po, I declined. Looking back, I shoulda hopped in. At least I would’ve gotten to ride in the police cruiser.
This morning’s run, & I use that term loosely, was HOT, short, a little walking & a whole lotta disappointment. Not that I walked, or that it was 4 miles, but that I just had that irked attitude still from Thurs. At least it was good company thanks to my friend Melissa. And afterwards was a great visit w/friends over coffee.  
I know I’ve been moving this week & life has been a wreck & so has my eating & sleeping, but I guess I see that as no excuse to already being a week behind in my marathon training. Ugh, Oct. will be here entirely too soon I’m afraid.
I decided I was feeling well enough after a walk/run, coffee, a shopping trip & a few mins. at home, that I dusted off my old runners, strapped on my water belt & headed back out the door. I tried a new route to the lake today & was pleased enough. After 5 miles, I rested on the shoreline of the lake & drank my water in the shade. I wanted desperately to slip my shoes off & feel the waves, but I feared wet feet=blisters. After a nice break, I headed back towards home. With only 3 miles left, I was feeling pretty good about my water supply. This is where the run got a little iffy… There’s gonna be a ton of traffic on a bloody hot day on the main road to the lake. Why didn’t I see that one coming?  I spent a lot of time on the side of the road. At this point I was drenched in sweat & just kind of ready to be finished. I kept hoping for someone to just sweep me off the road & take me out to the lake on their boat, but nope. Because of the very busy & hilly road, I thought smart & decided to cut thru a neighborhood. PS… that added about ¼ mile to the run I wished was finished…
I found a shaded tree to stand under & also found a need to ‘flush my hush,’ so with a little coolness & a little coyness, I did. What the hell, I was already soaking wet… what?! I drank the rest of my water, leaving me w/the feeling I just knew I would die before I made it the rest of the way home. So what if I could actually SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my house at that point. The mind plays dirty sometimes. Just knowing that, I kicked it into high gear & tidied up that run, completing 8.25 more miles for the day.
I stripped down in my front yard & relaxed with my water. When I got up, there was a nice puddle where my toosh was. I’ll be honest here, because I think I can be… IDK if it was water, sweat orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway. Probably a mixture of all. Oh well. Knowing it was probably a mix, I stripped off the rest of my clothes in the garage, promptly placed them in the brand new washer & off I went to shower.
I didn’t realize the garage door was still open. But that’ll be our little secret. I felt better about the 2nd run, as well as my miles for the week. Happy running y’all!

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