Monday, November 26, 2012

Curiouser & Curiouser

The mind of a woman is definitely a mysterious thing (maybe curiouser & curiouser says it better). Even to the woman! I made up my mind last year to do the MCM THIS year & was determined to do just that. I did it, loved it & afterwards, made up my mind to “rest”. I’ve enjoyed it too, but lemme tell ya… I have had a very hard time making up my mind to get off my tush! After the marathon, I thought it would be easy to take a few days off & just jump back into running--- both feet hit just hit the pavement, after all. NOT so. It has been a real struggle & I think part of it has been the resignation I set up in my own mind. Meh… just take a week off, you deserve it, look what you did!

I’ve kept up with all of my running friends, kept track of the very few miles my mind was set on running, have thought about doing other races & again, have made up my mind to kick up my feet & take a little time off to make up my mind… Well, I think right now, my mind is, once again, made up!

Time to drag out some of the cold weather shirts, dust off the old runners, set up a shoe rotation, plan a few new routes & get my butt & MIND in gear!

We went shopping yesterday, Under Armor, Nike, it was like Christmas! Bought a new cold weather shirt, hopefully it fits--- I made up my mind too not to track my food! BAD move! My clothes don’t fit. LOL! I’ll just make up my mind to make better choices.

Making up one’s mind to do positive & powerful things is an awesome thing. I’m thankful to my family for putting up with my mind’s fickle ways some days. Once I make up my mind, that’s what I focus on; miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind set! So, I’ve decided to definitely run my next marathon in March; mind made up!

I’ve already packed my running gear for tomorrow. I may even run twice! I’m goin’ a wee bit ol’ schoolio… using my iPod… my iPhone didn’t appreciate the fact I tried to give it swimming lessons in the washing machine, alongside the whites. WHATEV! Gaaaaaaah!

Make up your mind m’friends. Make it up, change it, revise it, revisit it, then make it up again, stick to it & execute! Get out there & dooooooooo whatcha wanna doooooooooo, no matter what, no matter how small, or slow, or trivial. Happy, happy running y’all!

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