Monday, June 18, 2012

Bulges All Over

So, I like to at least looooook slightly "fit" when running. I like to wear layers, but they are usually fairly form fitting. Today I wore form fitting running capris, a form fitting tank, a BRIGHT pink form fitting outer shirt & my sweat belt. I like to wear the sweat belt, because my dad always wore one when he ran. It does just what it promises, makes you sweat. I want to at least looooooook like I'm working hard! I like to think I at least can look the part of a runner. ;-)

Today I ran in Lee's Summit, a town about an hr. from my little town of Smithville. I'm familiar with certain parts but not the residential or downtown areas of town. I have a few meetings out that way on Mondays & have decided to change around some of my running days. I usually run with a group on Mondays, but won't be able to do so for a while because of said meeeeeeetings... darn work, interferring with my running. Aaaaaaanyway... I knew it was gonna be a warm run, a windy run. When I left for my run the temp was 95. Yes, it was windy, but I'm a runner damnit, I can take it! Within the 1st mile the following "ISSUES" occurred: I ran out of sidewalk, I got a tree limb to the shoulder (b/c the hurricane force winds threw it down at me!), something crunchy was in my gum (don't even wanna to know), I kicked dog poo (PICK UP after your pooch please) and I got a wave from the train conductor. This was a 6 mile run, I could feel that it was maybe gonna be a struggle. I played "chicken" with a guy on a lawnmower, a very cute man wielding a leaf blower winked at me (at least I think it was a wink, but in all honesty, he probably just had something in his eye), I got something in MY eye, I got a nice cold spray down by the fountain in the downtown area (because the WIND was INSANE!) & I lost my hat. I know, I know, it was windy, afterall. I found my hat too!

Determined not to be discouraged or defeated by this run, I squished my hat up & smooshed it into my sweat belt, which at this point I noticed was all cock-eyed & bulgey in the front. Moving forward like a champ, bulges in the front, I had a smooshed up Kansas City Track Club hat all bunched up in my sweat belt on my back. BULGES ALL OVER! I did take a couple of minutes (at mile 4) during this "run" to catch my breath & clean the muck outta my eyes, with my dirty, sweaty fingers. I noticed a cute little wine store, a peanut store and a red train car. Noted to self: take a walk next week, bulge free, to GO into the stores.

I took a moment to straighten out the bulges from all over, repositioned my sweat belt, tucked my hat back in & like a champ, finished the 2 miles left. I finished this run, feeling the effects of the heat. HOT, sweaty, tired, wind blown with BULGES ALL OVER. I headed to the gym for a cool down outside, sans bulges, did an upper body workout, took a nice, long warm-ish shower & cleaned my contacts. Ew!

Even though I felt a little defeated by this run, I was glad I went, glad I finished & was ok with having bulges all over. They made me look the part of a runner.

Happy running y'all!

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