Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pocket Miles

Why is it the “pocket” miles are seemingly some of the hardest? I’ve had 4 runs now since last week’s Hospital Hill Half Marathon & they’ve all been short & “routine”. I bought myself yet another pair of runners last week. I LOVE them. I love them so much, I really do wanna marry them! I feel like they’re the shoes I should’ve bought 3 months ago. Having said thaaaaaat… the damn things still don’t have rockets attached to the back, or cheerleaders jumping out of them to get me going! I feel so much better about my recovery from this half than the last one, yet I still am finding it difficult to motivate myself.
Last week, I was eager to try out my shoes & the run suuuuuuuucked. All stinky like, I went thru the rest of my day with the brilliant plan to run out at the soccer fields that evening. Maybe I should add here that I was not only stinky from the 3 miles but from the mere fact that I had grabbed multiple dirty running gear items out of the stinky laundry. What?! I was just going to get them dirty anyway! Anyway… I digress. I felt sluggish, but kept going. That same evening I ran around the soccer fields too. I felt muuuuuuuuch better about that run. There was a lot of goose poop though, which is always a turn off.  Christopher played a good game, but was a little timid & thirsty evidently… he drank the rest of my water, ugh! He & I had a nice dinner of nachos and nachos, just the 2 of us. I’m finding those little moments very sweet & I plan on taking full advantage of them when they arise. J Look at me… I can be suuuuuuuuuch a good mom…
P.S. Yes, I was still in the same dirty clothes that were still stinky from the previous run of the day aaaaaaaand from the fact that I grabbed them out of the laundry… the DIRTY laundry. Look at me telling y’all my secrets! Luckily, no one really reads this blog. LOL!
Yesterday’s run was short & sweet but left me with the need to do a little foam rolling. I HATE that! And my butt cheeks are a little sore. WTH!? Well, not even butt CHEEKS… just the right one.
I changed today’s 3 miler to a trail run, with the trail running Cha-hu. I hadn’t taken her for a while. She IS hilarious! The trails were a bit busier today, but no biggie & she’s been worn out the rest of the day. The upcoming week is another hectic one where everyone is going in a different direction. I tried to clear my head of all of the To Dos but just seemed to add to the list. Nevertheless, a run is always a good run as long as my feet are hitting the ground. ;0)
Happy running y’all!

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