Saturday, August 18, 2012

Truth Is...

Truth is… I’m kind of tired. LOL! I’ve been busy putting in some miles, of course, but have also been busy with getting the boys back to school, shuffling everyone’s schedules, STILL unpacking, arranging, rearranging, keeping up with work & my mom was just in town too! We went to a wedding a week ago & THAT’S when my running schedule got all whacked outta loop! I did a quickie run the morning we left for the wedding & it was much cooler than it had been; it’s weird how weather works. Sunday was a scheduled 16 mile run that was to be out of town & performed after a late night & crappy sleep at the hotel. I had some issues on the run & it turned into 13 miles but it also came with a gorgeous view of Horseshoe Lake in Collinsville, IL. So, all was well.
This week my runs suffered due to--- meh… IDK, poor eating, a lot of eating, go, go, going, not really wanting to go, a myriad of reasons (excuses too). So my mileage will be down this week, but hey- I figured a little bit of a change wouldn’t be all bad. And hey! I got to run in the run one day this week! I was pretty excited about that!
Truth is… with all of this running… I’ve managed to actually GAIN weight! WTH!!!! I’m hungry all of the time & crave soda & Greek yogurt like CRAAAAAAAZY!!!!! Figures!!! Tomorrow’s run is 18 miles & I’ll have a running partner that I hope to be able to keep up with for at least some of the run. :-) Truth is… I’ll probably get ditched in the 1st 10 mins, but that’s alright. We’ll both be there for each other if we need to be.
Time for me to go hit the asphalt for today’s 4. Happy running y’all!

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