Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

Don’t Stop Believing… this just so happened to be the song playing in the parking lot of the mall where I sometimes run on Sunday. It was appropriate because I had just taken my earphones out & kicked off my runners when I heard the song. It was appropriate because I had just completed my longest run, 22.13 miles. What?!?!? Seems crazy to me, but I guess that’s where the song comes in. Don’t stop believing in your own determination, in your own goals, in your own strengths, in your own craziness. Don’t stop believing because there are always people who are believing in all of those same things, right along with YOU!
I was pretty sure I was as ready for this run as I was going to be. I had my plan all outlined, my fuel all packed the night before. My music selection was ready to go; I bought myself some new tunes just for this run.
I am running these long runs, slowly & efficiently. I try to be consistent, which may not always be the case, but I try. There’s always a lot of runners’ advice for every run, because runners LOVE to share their knowledge. I do listen, I do take things into consideration, I do try things that work for others, I do ignore some of the wisdom too. What I have found is very elementary… others want to encourage me because they believe in me, in my goals, in my evolution & want to see me succeed nearly as much as I do. I LOVE that. I’m not trying to inspire anyone else, but sometimes it is the awesome result of what I am trying to accomplish & that is so humbling.
Don’t stop believing… in what success others want to see for you. Don’t stop believing in what the mind, body & soul can do. Don’t stop believing in your own evolution as a runner. As I whimpered up & down the stairs Sunday & yesterday, I kept hearing that song in my head… “Don’t Stop Believing. Hold on to that feeling”… the feeling of, “WOW, I JUST DID THAT!” And the feeling of relief of being one step closer to the goal I set for myself in April of 2011. It’s mine, all mine, & I will get there with the belief, encouragement & sometimes, even the ‘SUCK IT UP & DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO’ attitude reminder I get from certain people. For all of that, I am most grateful.
 For myself, I won’t stop believing that there is always room for improvement & that come marathon day, I will do my best, ya better believe it! Now, get out there & do whatcha came here to do! Happy running y’all!

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