Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Color Blue

If I had to pick the color I’m most similar to at this moment, well, it’d be The Color Blue. But NOT Cornflower Blue- my fave color crayon. Someone pointed out to me the other day that I just may well be suffering from post-marathon bloooooooooooooozzzzzz! I’ve been running with a goal in mind for so long, that now that the goal’s been accomplished, I dunno what to run for these days. I guess I should fill you in on my marathon. It was AWESOME!!! Simply put, that’s it! It was all I hoped it would be & managed to be so much more! And then because of Hurricane Sandy, we got stuck in DC & stayed with friends & that was pretty awesome too!

So, back to the blues… 11:08:29:10 has passed since the running of the 37th Marine Corps Marathon, not that I’m counting. I’ve only run ONCE since then. A 4 –miler that was nothing special, nothing terrible. It was just a run. I enjoyed it, but really, it was just an ordinary run & most routine. No pace time, no distance, or personal goals existed. I felt OK, my knees were still a bit wobbly (kind of like a baby giraffe walking for the 1st time), no biggie. But there was something missing to this run. I described it as a “purpose”, until someone reminded me that a lifetime of running is the “purpose”; running itself was the purpose, the races were just “measuring sticks along the way”… nicely put by my friend Bryan.

I’ve been toying with the idea of running the Get Lucky Marathon (March) in Little Rock, AR (hills, hills and more hills are good for the boooootaaaay) & am definitely running in Nashvegas with friends in April. April will be their 1st Half, so THERE is my purpose. It’s been nice to have a ‘break’ from running, although I dunno really how much of a break it’s been. After the marathon we were stuck in DC for a week, got home & had a sick kiddo, he missed school, I missed work. As I type this, I’m sitting in the hospital with him, ugh. The things floating around in my swirling brain…

Needing a goal is what I do… I do it with my family, with my job, with my weight, with my workouts, with my running. It’s just what I do, even if it drives everyone else loony, it’s just how I am. I was singing the blues earlier (which in itself is scary since I cannot sing), but as soon as I sign up & throw my $$$$ down on getting lucky, I’ll have a concrete plan in place. Having that goal will turn my color into HAPPY! Speak’n of happy… Happy running yáll!

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