Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging Newbie!

OK, so I've got a few kinks to still work out when blogging. Like, WHY is my blog time 3 hours ealier than when I am posting? And, how do I add more pictures? And, WHY is the entire left hand side all naked? And HOW do I continue double posting? I'll get it, I'll get it... for sure... hopefully... maybe. ;)


  1. regarding the time weirdness, I'm thinking it's related to a need to adjust the time setting with your Google account (is this blog a Google product?), or in the preferences/settings of whatever your blog site is. The left hand side is not naked as I am looking at it. Maybe it no longer is naked for you, either. You probably just needed to add some content to your blog, eh?

    1. LOL! I do not know. I'm BLOG illiterate. :-D And glad to see my left isn't naked anymore. HAHA!