Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Good Place To Start Over

UGH! I wish I could tell you when & where I ran last week up until today, but my life in iPhone wonderland has left me... "speechless". Due to iPhone issues, I had to get a new phone today, which was a complete disaster & a massive disruption to the fluidity of my life. I lost all of my contacts, emails & work info, but more importantly, MY RUNNING APPS!!!!! Yeah, yeah, the contacts were important, but come on now... we all know our life in running is a resource, a form of bragging, a motivator & just really something to build on. Since this information in all 3 of my running apps is gone, today's run seems like A Good Place To Start Over.

I did run Wednesday, I think around 6. It was fantastically warm & I don't know my time. I just know I wanted to quit, but kept going... It felt good to run, even better to finish and I beat the bus home to get my son off the bus on time! WooHoo!

Thurs. was a shorter scheduled run, but some friends were kind enough to drive my way for a bit of trail running. I petered out around 3 miles, but we continued to walk for a bit & it was nice to have people to run with. There was, of course, a potty "issue" on the trail run & I think I got a little poison ivy on the back of my leg as a result.

Sat. was to be an 8 miler & ended up as a 7 miler. I don't have any idea of the time... it was beautiful out & we seemed to manage to get the wind going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand coming. The sun was blazing! There was a lot of traffic due to a 5K that was going on. We got a little caught up in the people & the very FAST travelers on the parkway. We did lose a bit of our mojo for about a mile, but hey, at least we were out there doing it!

I made what I think was a smart decision about the Five Trails Half Marathon I was supposed to do yesterday & bowed out. I felt given the amount of time it's been taking to recover from injuries, I'd back out of this Half in preparation for KC's Hospital Hill Half on June 2.

This all brings me to tonight's relaxed, short & maybe a bit lazy run. It was a scheduled 2 miler, but we set out to do a bit more. We were optimistic. We ended right at 2 & walked about another 1/2. Oh well, it was still nice to get out, visit with friends and eat a yummy dinner, sans beer...............

It's the start of a new week, the start of a new outlook on eating & A Good Place to Start Over with my running apps. I still miss looking back at all my runs though.

Back ups from now on will be in iCloud, as well as on the computer- Lesson Learned!! Happy running y'all!!

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