Saturday, May 5, 2012

Three white things that never lie...

Three white things that never lie... A white towel, a Q-tip and toilet paper. The towel prompted me to a 2nd shower. The Q-tip & toilet paper to a 3rd. I wanted to blog this while the trauma, ahem, adventure was fresh in m'mind.

Today I was pleased w/myself for doing the Warrior Dash. Being a girly girl, slight germ-a-phobe & having slight OCD tendancies, I was doubtlful of my own ability to do this "Dash". Official time, 54:39:35. Today I've gladly checked off one more running goal & have moved this "To Do" into the "Don't Do Again" category of my running life.

It was my husband's idea to do this "together" & of course, many months ago that seemed like the perfect bonding experience. He ended up having to work today, but was kind enough to drop me in the intersection so I could walk to the buses. I felt like a homeless child, pushed outta the truck w/only my cell & a backpack. As he left me, I was shaking and quite nearly crying to my friends on the phone about how I didn't really want to do this. One offered to come & get me, the other said NO! I asked if someone could just push me into a mud puddle, take a pic & I could call it a successful day.

I met a nice new friend on the bus & we exchanged emails so he could look up our running group's website. Some of my other running buddies took pity on me & said I could run w/them. If you are unsure of what this "Dash" is, lemme break it dowwwwwn for ya... obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. And it was a humid 90 plus degree day today. As we excitedly ran to the 1st obstacle, of which I bear the scuffed knees from, I may have been reconsidering this "Must Do" run. After about a mile, we were all excited to see the WATER obstacle, of which surely we would have salvation from the heat. We rounded the corner & caught the smell straight away, of which there really are NO words to desribe... OK, maybe cow poop is a good phrase.

I am indeed vertically challenged w/little to no upper body strength, yet I seemed to manage alright w/the help of Rick & Scott. My most frightening of this came upon approaching the vertical wall & fireman's pole; it was about an 8ft. drop. I think I may have been crying, not sure, it could've just been sweat or cow poop water falling. I couldn't reach the pole & knew it was too far to just throw myself down. I considered going back the way I came, until my friends said they would help me. All "knight in shining armor-like" they reached up for me, allowed me to step all over them & before I knew it, my feet were safely planted on the very wet, muddy ground. I'm pretty sure at this point I verbally cussed my husband for abondoning me, yet again. Together, my butt! He would run later, (& have a rock'n time of 33:46:95) only after having to sweet talk a gal into signing off for him to get his packet b/c he forgot his license (even though on every e-mail it said NOT to do so). Whew, off topic... All of the obstacles were smooth sailing from there, for the most part. We ran where we could & walked where we needed. And when I say that, we ran when photographed. ;-) Duh... we're no rookies.

The fire was no problem, the walls were good, the fire was non-threatening and the "pool" at the end was slightly more refreshing than the other water obstacles. We finished as a team & it really did feel pretty great!

The beer was cold, the giant turkey leg delicious (except when my husband threw some of the skin on me... ok, so he meant to throw it out the bus window but this is MY journey. If he wants it told HIS way, he should start his own blog) & the company was fantastic!

After coming home, my shower was long & hot & long! When I stepped out, grabbed my WHITE towel and toweled off my leg, I was DISGUSTED by my showering ability! After my second shower, the towel results were much kinder, until... the toilet paper was for my nose... I KNEW I had mud up there. No biggie though, right?! The Q-tip results were a little more disgusting, prompting me to a 3rd shower. So here I am, squeakier than squeaky clean w/delightfully smooth skin from all of the mud, hungry, tired, blogging & pretty pleased w/my accomplishments for the day.

For the record, I DID NOT pee in the water & I had two showers at the run. HAHA! See! Germ-a-phobe.

Happy Cinco y'all & happy running!


  1. Great finish time, Dianna! Good for the boys who helped a lady out!

    I think you're really into something with this blog, Dianna! Some athletic apparel companies should grace you with their swag.

    Regarding the need for three showers: I think Granny Clampett had the solution that would eliminate the need for so many - a scrub brush, and lye soap. They make small brushes for those hard-to-reach places. And, I really do think that a 50% solution of apple cider vinegar might do the trick on the cowpie-in-hair odor. Plus, the acv leaves your hair nice and silky.

    1. Thanks Tom! We three set out as a scraggly injured bunch & agreed our adventure wouldn't be about time, only a good time. :)

      Funny thing about the vinegar... I'll have to tell you about Rendy Sheppard's uses for it.

      As far as the blog goes, pretty sure if anyone ever wanted to sponsor me, I'd love it. But, I think companies probably would want more people at least reading it. HAHA! Maybe one day, right?! Pass the word! :-))